Proud Parents

She stood up with an unusual confidence,
wrapped in her typical traditional blouse
she wore a three-quarter trousers, folded at the ends,
similar to how a banker would fold his shirt at his biceps
With a Spanish gray shoe, she was good to go
To stand before the altar,
opposite the seated congregation
to read the day’s gospel
Her presence announced virtue and intelligence
And her tone, that of seasoned globetrotter,
someone who’s schooled and lived in many parts of the globe
I bet she might know all the various flags in the world
Her accent was reasonably difficult to trace but at last, it sounded Canadian
I guess she barely knows or ever visits her home country India
Her parents, obvious expats stare with great relish
beside them, is a young cool headed chap,
I could tell that he is their son, the reader’s brother
I got an inkling that they might be originally from Uttar Pradesh,
a state located in the Northern part of their country,
Lucknow is its capital, that isn’t a coincidence either
You probably haven’t heard of it but I guess you know about the Taj Mahal
Their complexion isn’t the usual ones seen in blockbuster Bollywood movies
Let me put it this way, it looked more sun-tanned or perhaps much darker
From afar, you’d assume that they are Africans or of African descents
Just like the couple seated in front of them
Well, they may be from Nepal, who knows
She continued her reading
as I looked straight in her eyes,
not with the stare of a man known to be lustful
If an uninterrupted gaze could kill,
then I guess I would have
I could hear every sound of every word more clearly
than I ever did in my phonetics class
She paused where necessary and skipped no line
She’d be a great news broadcaster I’d thought
but deep down, I knew she’d be pursuing something
related to the sciences, at UCL perhaps or even at Yale, why not
No place is ever too far for an Indian expat
let alone if it’s in the interest of his child
But all that I’m certain about is that her parents are proud of her
and that she has the entire world at her humble feet
So keep going, you young Indian lady !


The Sudden Rise of The Indian Expats – How And Why Everything Seems To Augur Well.

It has taken me quite a long while to tame my repertoire of words into this piece on the sudden rise of the Indian expats in faraway lands. The magnanimity and blunt truth of the matter relay findings that may be mutual but very much indelible in so many ways. Within a period of two years, I have been able to study, analyse and digest the business-minded lives of the Indian expats or to a very farther extent Indian (im)migrants here in Belgium. As a study case, I chose Antwerp, due to a lot of contributing factors. My findings may come out as very frenetic but interesting to my readership.

To begin with, Antwerp is a cosmoplitan city in Belgium, to be more specific in Flanders, which is basically the Flemish speaking part of the country. Antwerp is the capital of the Antwerp Province. It’s by far the most densely populated city in Belgium, with more different nationalities than any other city in the country. It has grown over the years since the days of Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte to become a great and lavish port city. Great cities also do attract investors, and as result the demand of  an effective labour force surges high. The case of Antwerp is no exception to this analogy. Antwerp doubles up as the biggest diamond hub of the country or even to a farther extent, in Europe. Over the years, (im)migrants and expats have plunged into the country and made their way into the city, dating as far back as in the late 60’s up until today. These (im)migrants are now part of the fibre of this city making it a success story. The (im)migrants who I can now refer to as ‘citizens’ of Antwerp are predominantly Morrocans, Turkish, Congolese and other minorities.

Antwerp has also a very strong Jewish population who in one way or the other culminate to the success story of the local economy. The diamond sector is predominantly ran by Jews. As the years blur into decades, there has been a changing phenomenon as to those in charge of the diamond industry. There is currently a very high number of Indians running the diamond industry. And this brings into mind, the question of how the Indians are good at trade.
There are many factors that has contributed to this success story of Indians in faraway lands, making noble exploits. Disputably, capitalism seems to be a major factor catapulting their surge.

Capitalism – Their capitalistic overview is something that can’t be begrudged. Anyone who opens up a business or begins a trade is literally bent on making gains with the aim of either sustaining his/her business or expanding it. This is the same overview that these Indians share, but they add a midas’ touch to it which at the end help them make tremendous inroads towards their set-targets.

Aside capitalism, there are a couple of other factors steering cautiously their cruise amidst all the financial crises that characterize today’s global trade. Sheer determination – They are very determed and driven to succeed at all cost. This adrenaline is then passed on from generations unto generations. And such a lubricant empowers them to help sustain and expand their businesses throughout the course of time.

Steadfast and Imaginative – I may say that their steadfastedness goes hand-in-hand with their foresight. They are very imaginative and are therefore able to undertake the rightful and concrete working practices. They learn from previous mistakes and as a result offer no room for another mistake. Their forecast of the success of their businesses might seem incomprehensible but they are able to follow each and every rubric they have drawn with utter diligence.

Arguably, there seem to be other factors and mechanisms contributing to their success story, but all that I would like to reiterate is that these Indian expats or (im)migrants are on the right path and as a result they are worthy of commendation.