Time is running out for those who think that posterity is something that can be averted, either by influence or by affluence. Quite recently, I heard the comments made by Robert Mugabe, the ‘dictator’ of Southern Rhodesia (present-day Zimbabwe), on the state of affairs in Ghana. I cease to address him as a president for various obvious reasons. I gather from sources and conversations that he described the West African nation of Ghana as a country which has not undergone any major changes since the early 60’s. Upon hearing these comments, I was deeply fascinated and somehow triggered to ponder about his nuances; in order to see where he’s coming from and where he’s heading to. In the following, you’ll find my interpretation of his remarks, my connotations on Robert Mugabe and my message to all the other remaining dictators around the world.

Although Ghana has not undergone any tremendous development since the early 60’s, there’s no way the above-mentioned can compare the ‘credibility’ of his 34 year tenure to that of Ghana. I still stand to be corrected if only there are noble facts and figures to refute my stance. Ghana is a country that has witnessed three successive change of power. Although I stand in no position or whatsoever to either represent or defend any Ghanaian political party, as a concerned global citizen, I find Robert Mugabe’s remarks ironical in various ways. What he isn’t aware of is that the wind of change is susserating under the feet of his citizenry. Interestingly, there’s one trait, mutual to all dictators, the thought of lasting forever. I concur that the West African nation of Ghana is arguably in hard times, with corruption scandals, misappropriation of funds and what have you, hindering growth. Although the credibility of Ghana may be cast in doubt, I still reiterate that that of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe is also not to be trusted, let alone to be viewed as credible.

Robert Mugabe seems to be ruling his country with ‘professional deftness’, steering and manipulating the state of affairs. I find it difficult to understand how on earth can the people of Zimbabwe sit so idle. To witness first-hand corruption sagas and deceit. How on earth can one individual be allowed to rule a country since independence till today? This and many others are the questions that remain unanswered. In a country where a selected few ride in venturous success while others live in abject poverty. With the value of its currency constantly depreciating. I wonder how come the citizenry see these lads as innocent of the protocol. It is ‘them’ against ‘us’, a selected few versus the rest and the privileged versus the underprivileged. How can Robert Mugabe not be defined as greedy or a dictator if he’s been in power for 34 years and still counting? In a country where no credible elections have ever been organised.

These dictators should take into consideration that time is running out for them. In a new world, where we witness technological advancements daily, I can say that there has never been a time like this in human history. The wrong guards must be changed. Others may argue that after the ousting of Muammar Gadhaffi, Libya is now in shutters. But it’s also worth recounting that his actions were somehow the direct opposite of what the majority wanted. A selected few cannot be enjoying the riches of the land while others are sent to prisons for coming out with constructive critiques. The subject of Libya, either as a nation in transition or as a failed state would be for another day. A few months ago, the youth of Burkina Faso rose up to the challenge in ousting another dictator. This is a signal that the wind of change as I earlier stated, is susserating under the feet of the citizenry. In these times, we are witnessing major uprisings against oppressions and dictatorships. It’s just logic that the guards must be changed after so many a year. These dictators should be held accountable for their actions. The youth of today should realise that their future lie in their own hands and that they will be responsible as to whatever the world becomes. We all as global citizens shouldn’t sit idle and mime our own business in a tongue-in-cheek posture if we are bent on bringing change.

Until then, I hope Robert Mugabe and all the other remaining dictators will rethink their actions and pick and choose the remarks they utter on the state of affairs of the world because they have no slightest clue or whatsoever.



  1. Only that the old man, Mugabe doesn’t care what anyone says or thinks. Incredible that he thought he is hurting the people he thought he was saving the most.

    Fantastic post by the way.

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