To Whomsoever It May Concern

“Strength has been the outcome of need;
security sets a premium on feebleness”
What metre!
I bet you that H.G Wells himself was proud when he penned this quote.
Whenever the sun gets golden;
the hums of insects, the cries of birds,
the bleats of sheep then lie aghast.
Such fragments of our world have
the cooing notes that gradually stirs
our crave and love for writing.

On such an eve of a day,
when scarcity of thoughts sweat away;
Let us look one more time
into the note so-far tomorrows.
On this day, when I begin to trace a
similarity between yesterday and tomorrow
It’s such moments that the great
quotes of men like Plato stirs us up.
It’s then that we realise that
‘A hero is born among a hundred,
a wise man is found among a thousand,
not an accomplished one might be found
even among a hundred thousand men’

Thereafter, ‘every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers
back & those who wish to sing always find a song; at the touch of a lover,
everyone becomes a poet’
Quotes like these are the basics to which we rise to shadow all challenges that grip our paths & mainstreams.


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