The Black Plunges Of Then

When we least expected
Our paths crossed each other
We met and conquered boredom
It wasn’t our plea nor our foresight
It began with incoherent talks
Conversations that stood akimbo as always
I whispered uncompromisingly
that posterity assumes the seer of our mission’s breath
and gradually breach our thoughts with longing continuity
Then, that bond had become our prescience
while our forged solitude was chanted with sheer ecstacy as to what evolution and modernity utter
As the alien thunder beeped and the black plunges had become purulent rather than derogatory
The echoing zest had run out of its tempestuous speed and the remnants left had assume a dangling crane of despairity and separation
Before we realised that our paths never crossed ever again, we were miles apart
Periodically, it was unfathomable to our cradles of thoughts and beliefs
Defied nature and tempted fate
But if for nothing we witnessed nothing, we believe and know now that the stunts and shadows of lonely segragation would now be issues of the days of old
While the chronology and theory of acquaintance would be a subject well-mastered.
Fate breached !


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