Snow White

Neither without frumiousity nor severity had the beaming sun’s rays’ radiation glinted on the glittery marbles insignias on its epaulettes
Just as the spew of the dreamlands yesternight had reminded to rescind the thoughts of a mumbling that the days were to become nights, faster than sang but intense than sought
Upon these days did I pause to sigh a breath, scrutinizing how it happens and what makes the down-town steeper than the officialdom if permitted
Momentarily, a burt not an urn made its way to splash and split my shoulders as I stood oblivious
Comtemplating, with what fist it had, but ironically a meriness-laughter did I have to come to terms with that, it was a snow fall
With dribs and drabs had the falling snow colded the apex of my fingers with a debacle of shrill
Just a snow fall, nothing more, nothing less.
A snow fall have I witnessed somewhere


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