Love In Sprints

Amid all the tiresome sprints the world takes us through
and in between the limited vacuum we find,
approaches an indispensable beam of light
which strikes our personality to keep us on track,
in a world sprint full of pestilences & false accusations,
the beam never falls short of its help
while it provides a shoulder to lay on with our consistent disarrays.

In as much as the feeling engages the beholder,
anything becomes virtually possible in the world sprint.
Across all languages, it’s said with passion and precision.
Many call it LOVE but it beholds LOADS OFF VIABLE ENDORSEMENTS.
Amid all tribulations the masses contend with,
LOVE seeks to act insanely hilarious just to bring smiles to our faces
and hope to our future.

Worlds apart it may seem
but this feeling acts spotaneously discrete
just to build our fate and open our eyes to see preceeding encounters.
In a world sprint where it’s no news to witness a fall and innumerable rise-ups. Endorsing all vitaes we build due to its adventure,
offering reflexes when need be.
A feel which disposes off the pros and cons of the world
just to see us materialise our intentions
even when the moon isn’t half its circle.
‘Amor’ is the word, looking positive ever while it shadows all our ordeals.
Love first.


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