I Lost Count

With grace on my shelve
I reach out to contentment
Should it be of need
I lost count
Of how advertently
I sail through with every test
Tests that I could recall
With exact precision as being tie-breakers
I lost count
Of the innumerable pivoted subways
I had to by-pass
Though I never knew the spic
Even to talk of the span
Tradition which almost always became the attuned norm of existence
While the orders of perpetuity denounced its thoughts as been woeful
I lost count of the treacherous mild days
When the palpitation of my heart’s eye
Rose in sequence to defy all odds
I lost count of the beautiful long days
When things were pragmatically in line
And there was no rush in life
While every tomorrow was just unsang day
Times, when we mingled without restraint
And played our solemn parts like that of the last supper
I lost count of the unending days when history was the trajectory on which the exploits of the future was carved
And the anonymous folks who penned down the great archives
I lost count of the timed-moments when yesterday always remained yesterday
And we heralded today as the joyous of days yet to be experienced
I really lost count

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