Far Fetching

Do let me in, into the paths
That starry not, but dance in baths
Let me in, to witness the growls of each day
To learn day by day, when the sky gets golden
And our intuitions get emboldened
To lean not on knowledge, rather on prescience


Do let me in, to see when the winds blur
away our forecasts with remnants of fiction
And when they lie aghast & virgin
as an untarred road
To cross my fingers
And value each moment
Today, let me in ;
To cast reality, not asunder
To refract on this lightening plane
the hiccups of goodwill
And the variants orders of succession
Teach me, not to be self-centred

Even tomorrow, shall I remain an ally to glee
Preach aloud on this subway to which
prints are inscribed
And let my heart, not tremble & wonder
but listen with aptitude
to the forthcoming days, dear & near

But let my pen, cease not to flow
when my tongue becomes mouthful
with perfected words


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