If I Should Marry A Grammar Nerd

If I should marry a grammar nerd
Our lives will be filled with long and apt sentences
We’ll cease to be redundant with words
And Wordplay or Scrabble will be the first game we’ll teach our first child
Before he utters his maiden words and gets enrolled in the local nursery

We’ll use eye contact to give remarks and even punctuate our phrases to him in order to deafen his usual screeching whenever he’s annoyed
By the time he begins to crawl, toddle and chuckle
We’ll whisper adjectival clauses as approvals
And in no hurry will he forget to pause once in a while when speaking
During his time in first grade

Breakfast will be ushered in hyperbolic fashion
With no malapropism or whatever
Our usual conversations will be soothing with pride like the twittering of birds, lousy at times
Before our child grows up to become a grammar nerd just like his parents
He’d have mastered the art of public speaking
And in no instance will he stammer when he meets virgin words
Or get affronted with old clichés

He’d be the valedictorian of his class
And he may probably pass that on to his offspring and that is, if he should have one
He’ll advise him not to speak posh or else others might misquote them
And also tell them and the world that he’s a product of two grammar nerds
And should they misunderstand him,
He’ll placate them with known simile and refuse to talk in unknown accents
And will reassert that he’s a local boy from the nearest suburb
That is,
If I should marry a grammar nerd


11 thoughts on “If I Should Marry A Grammar Nerd

  1. wow, u deserve a standing ovation my dear. The first time visiting your blog and I’m already fond of your art work! poeticprincekenny indeed! Kudos dear.

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