Over the years,
we’ve become the custodians to this property
like the sole heirs to the royal throne,
who await the day of abdication
or we’re like heads of states
in our hands lie the fates of the nations
And since we’re roofed above all,
we’re ironically the only ones
to be held responsible should anything go amiss
When regular tenants or exchange
students from neighbouring countries constrict,
even at dawn,
it’s perhaps the only escape
from the nooks and cranies of a student’s world

But we’ve rendered ourselves, trustworthy
So with each and every door slam,
we’re not taken aback
for the sake ‘yes to neighbours’
just like the days of old, or even in
the recent-past, like yesterday
As we ponder about the state of minds,
for a singular echoed reason for such gruffness
The lift even broke down, into tears one sunny summer afternoon,
right in the middle of that popular TV series,
perhaps during its commercial-break, which frequently last a breath’s mile

Banging doors, it whispered.


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