Ghana; state of affairs

Maybe this might be the magnanimous of tests, or perhaps in contemporary scientific vocabulary, litmus test to indicate profusely as to our understanding of democracy since independence.

In awake of this present petition by the New Patriotic Party’s Presidential Candidate Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo against the Electoral Commission in light of the declaration of President John Mahama of the National Democratic Congress (the respondents) as the winner of the 2012 Elections,

I find it very riveting & lately revealing as to how Ghanaians love & as a result are enthused with their motherland.

It’s a moment like this that I’ve seen innumerable Ghanaians, both those living in or outside the country, doing their very best to either catch a glimpse or have a soundbite of the Supreme Court’s procedural administrations.

I’m very much certain that this has also been an eye-opener to many

(non-legal folks), of which I happen to be a part; learning the chronology undertaken in a court of law, of which “contempt of court” is obviously the known phrase to all or sundry for a reason or the other.





Although we all have our various political affiliation,

Ghana must win at the end of the day. We must agree to disagree,

as we indelibly voice out our day-to-day opinions with regard to the petition.

We may disagree on a certain issue or the other, but in spite of it all,

peace must reign.

One school of thought says that “those who look to the past, are certain to miss the future”,

but within this very instance I stand to defer basing on my forthcoming argument.

We have all witnessed all over the world, the remnants of toppled democracies, its effects & repercussions, the brunts paid by women & children & unborn generations & the loss of breadwinners.

Much must be done to preserve & safeguard the peace we enjoy today & anyone who thinks rebellion is the path we must trod,

ought to be clinically re-accessed, if not religiously.

Whether you voted for either party “A” or party “B”,

Ghana must be our major priority in awake of the announcement of the verdict by the Supreme Court.

We have vested much trust into the judiciary, and as a result their verdict must be fully regarded and respected, come what may.

There’s no individual or political party bigger than our nation.

We can share our divergent views in a rightful and acceptable manner, not in a manner that trods on the fundamental human rights of one another.

Let us not be myopic & topple democracy for anything else, pluralism must be the order of the day, because we remain forever accountable for whatever that Ghana becomes, if not to anyone but to our own selves.




As the level of expectancy to the impending verdict by the Supreme Court skyrockets, we must choose progress over destruction, good over bad, peace over war & lastly Ghana over partisan politics.


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