Cautioned Sleep

With the departure

drawing nearer

when I held onto the palms of my ‘accidental mom’

my sibling, my sister

Embracing a bureau of good esteem,

if not perfect

He evoked a certain paradigm of facts,

whispered through paused pulsed

connotations of the life of the living

as I stood dumb-found

to the not-so far tomorrows



They merried out in public

and enticed me plausibly; breeding

a sense of hegemony that I know only

wise men could pronounce with exact precision




Sentences that echo as I befall to slumber

every night when the moon isn’t half its circle

but renounces all evils prior to tomorrows

He spat to my anvils;

an affluence of circumspect,

when the journey parcels out as arduous,

while the insatiable ego tries to blow out



Posterity will judge,

when the not-so far tomorrows become todays

 Until then, life’s real, living above reproach !


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