On The Stairs

On the stairs
I inhaled myrhh
As I by-passed every case
With my joyed-heart & thoughts
About the sensation of frankincense
And how solemn it reigns

On the stairs
I witnessed the flaws of life
Traits of indifference:
Lanes of inefficiency
And the closed pages of history

On the stairs
I uttered silent pants
When my feet astounded to new paths
And I sighed for a relief
When the times became purulent
Rather than derogatory
I promised to soldier on
In this grim reality

On the stairs
I read entire metres
Of renowned poets
And spoken word artists
From all spectrums of life:
Who preached reality
With a non-fictional mechanism
I glimpsed the pages of the closed books
Whiled I tried to unravel the second notions
Of their texts

On the stairs
Sleepless nights:
I persevered to meet the freedom
Trains from Southern Rhodesia,
Zaire & the likes
When I saw traces of the struggles
We deemed requisite:
I rebuked my thoughts
As to the indignation & ingratitude
Songs we sing today

On the stairs
I began to cogitate
Metaphorically with immense zest
And the scenes we’ve trod
I vexed with impatience
To revive our deaden dreams,
Sow justice, walk the talk

On the stairs
I realised that the only difference
Between yesterday & tomorrow is today
And the obvious similarity between them
Is still, our crave for excellence

On the stairs
We begin


2 thoughts on “On The Stairs

  1. I suppose this ‘stairs’ is the ladder of life and I enjoyed the brief journey you took me through in the whole poem. You are a master poet brother.

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