When The Signature Becomes An Autograph

Just as the mirror

reciprocates all gestures given;

And such an aura

replicates the time

through which this journey

has been carved but framed

We stand erect & poised

Not for this moment

But assumingly

for the heralded spectra

that stir us up, with confidence

day by day & time & time again




Until the signature becomes an autograph;

literally not as in christened by word,

but by efforts to which new tasks

have been taken

And foreign mantles have been

handed over for succession




Until the mirror we face each dawn,

to whisper those crafted words;

brimming with assonance but paradoxical

Presents itself as a piazza

filled with sea of people;

conscious-ready to relish

To the anvils of their ears

a reception of life told through words





Not mere words

Words that would dance

should they be assigned to dance



When the signature becomes an autograph

And the masses sojourn to stand not

akimbo but on revised paths;

It’s then that the pen solely becomes

mightier than the sword



When the signature finally becomes

an autograph


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