We Are No More

We- are gone
diluted into oblivion
we have nothing left but our
The handwriting is no longer on the
The noses are broken off
we are no longer us
Obscurely written out of
life’s script no future roles to play
the primitive man and all modern
day caveman – and sand men have
forgotten the people of the soil-and
the trees and the water and the
women behaving _nonchalauntly___
as they watch -us being erased-
written out of history
what is left of us
we who write poetry
that does not impress wealth
they eat, we die — they drink
we go thirsty they make
merry with their Dirty sex..
while we imitate our exterminators
we disappear with
broken noses and borrowed hair
We are no more-
our costumes died
then our children
with no past and no future
we are no more~~~~
Now that we are being
crafted by our scribes;
penned down ages before we could
realise that our solemn but
equivocal art, superimposed
with fervent sentences bore
more intonations & meanings
than maidenly sought;
we lie within our meditative silences
Reminiscing the helter-skelter &
dither through which our stories
were told in words
While the strokes by our quills
fade & shiver to sheer posterity
but eventful mileages
We beseech this forthcoming
To voice out in unison the
unfinished phrases but clauses
yet again
We are now no more
Although there were a few scattered
prospects yet to be achieved;
we lie abed not asunder
with no regret or fear or whatsoever
We are no more
Only in fiction shall we meet
To play our parts with unsung
As our styles are pursued
Until then, we are no more
As life still beckons on
with trajectories being preached
but sold
we pray you – this age
that celerity & glee fuel your
palms but gumptions with
deepened emotions & thinking caps
As the dice is cast,
Till the results are known;
We are now no more !

(A collaboration between myself and Oladeji Vicki Acquah)


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