To The Unsung Melodies

As we lie in this crevice of a settlement; 
Our domicile, our haven 
With celerity as our profound trait, 
we put on no enigmatic smile 
Because our eyes have unrecognizably 
become wider than ever 
While our lips stay apart as the sun rises 
We yearn to teem in unison to voice a plea; 
That’s just as dormant as the present 
To convey a ripple of approval 
That our concerns are neither petulant 
nor surly amid our meditative silences 

To the unsung melodies 
We eviscerate your crave for colossal 
responses shaped like drops of water 
with anew confidence 
But should time permits, 
we’ll triumph in merry to inveigh 
a stoic expression with exuberance 
by the sun sets 

Until then, in our usual simpleton 
We remain keener featured 
but obdurate as the niche of today 
Try unsuccessfully to drive us asunder 

But we’ll never yield to those allies 
of boorished trails 

To the unsung melodies, 
within these depths of despair, 
we’ll soar to the greater heights of hope 

To the unsung melodies..


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