Shriek Of Druidism

In quarternary frame of existence

Haiku, that part of poetry

That resuscitates a vogue of countenance,

Whispers not, to advent readers of the recent past

Lest alone,

make insistent inroads and sudden influx into a Celtic archive

As I glimpsed through the recto verso

Coruscated into Webh poetry

where the Juvencus’ Manuscript

Takes the mind to an isle of segregation

but comfort



While the seers were individuals brimmed to brim

And femininity hid in mauled pathways,

Never had a merest chance to be referred to as ‘seeresses’

When land could neither be sold nor bought, only through inheritance

I recall calling out the name

‘Columbanus’, the Irish priest

Prince of the Druids

on countless instances

Imperceptibly weaving his part

evidently and unseemingly

Druidism, that was




Evolution within Pagans

Stoics, Jews, Mithraists

Manichaeans, Zeroastrians

Atheists and faiths of Christiandom

transpired when due

I recount the essential atextuality

of the inspired Egyptian forms,

Not so far from civilization



Like the prowess of Pythia

the delphic omphalos

Who sat the at the centre

of the navel of the earth,

As echoed and narrated by Plato

Showing the head in tonsure

Diplomacy really began at home

and refused to wither to ages

Alas !





Today, Haiku

That part of poetry resuscitates

a vogue of analyses



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