Half The Equation

Unlike algebra

where some very letters precede others

and others surpass as cliffhangers

whose balances are anonymously rectified with an evident piety look 






Unlike like-terms

where some featured co-efficients

align at the other side of the fence

which is greener than the adjacent

but less than or equal or

greater than or equal to the other 






As errors trespass

basing on the fallible side of humanity

where every man is but prone

And each flaw leads to success or even colossal hick-ups





If pluses,

double the reach

If minuses,

Half the reach 





Need I say more ?

In an “akimboed” delisory glare

when in algebra or ratio,

co-efficients and proportions stand the test of analyses 





Still need I say more ?

Half the equation

when the very persona behind the pen is the same folk

Filling-in each gap of the equation of co-incidence



Making it full

To an explainable derilium

Yet to reach its eureka of glee

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