Clearer Voices

These voices have become clearer than foreseen 
The then tonations have now become the reality 

And the fortresses of imaginations 

Are being crafted in a sullen art, 

Well-suitable to the certainty our dreams promised 

And the perplexity of the flaws we have vowed not to assertain to 
Now, our manliness and potency of our fists 
Solely depend on how we think of how we once were, 

What we have become now 

And what we shall become someday 

Now, the efficiency in the tasks we render are ran simultaneously 
With the ever-daring solemnity 

And aptitude that posterity 

And utter urbanization surprise, 
Apportion and appease us with 
Our enmity between the palms of our hands 
And the soles of our feet dangle in apt solitude 
And the reverence of our ego 
Render a shock that has to be contained 
With sheer swiftness fueled by mutual responsibility 

Now that the nails of our fingers have grown longer 
Than their predicted heights 
And the vivisectionists of innumerable exploitations 
Have refused to explain all their graded 
And well-preserved statistical survey to decency 
And the threshold of familiarity; 
It is then that we realise 
How cold our mantles have become 
But highly esteemed with prudent 
And inexplicable optimism 

Whispered accents have stood the test of time, 
the dangling crane of obscurity have denied charges of fear, 
Aggression and the bewilderments of life’s short-lived tyranny 
But still forcibly rub shoulders 
With classics brewed through the precepts 
And excerpts of edifying tomorrows 

With chimming voices circulating 

To produce thunderous melodies, 

Similar to that of well-perfected notes 

Of fervent rythmic theory and discord; 
These voices have become clearer than foreseen 

The mumbling of our lips 

And the eyed-fanaticism of our hopes 
Have stood not in limbo but on revised paths 

That call unto us to remain patient 

And circumspect of the enormous days 
That lie some steps ahead of us 
Yet we still thrive our routes 

With passionate pleas 

And hold our consensus with edged solitude, 
Abate our focus through serene discourse 
And diversifying utilitarianed concepts 
Now, we sing with louder anticipation 

And well-nurtured melancholy 

Orchestrated by foreseeable conveyance of dreams; 

Writing their own stories and inspiring tales, 

Telling their own stories, 

More emotionally than the old-story tellers


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