Amazing Women

From the secluded circles of Navasha
Through Mombasa to the tarred roads
of Ulaanbaatar, you have tilled these
deserted land to bear sufficient harvests,
for our sake
Now that we live in plenty
And our assignments in this journey
have been told, we say ‘thank you’

To all the amazing women..
From the squares of Antananarivo through the port city of Antwerp
to the capital of Cabo Verde, Praia
you’ve lived not in disillusion but uniformity
You’ve all played courageous roles in our moral upbringing,
today we stand here as the formidable of creation
And our manliness is enormous
Now that the height of our fingers
have grown longer than their maiden
and predicted heights
And your caresses still straighten us
when waywardity befall us,
we voice out to say ‘Ayekoo’

We will ever be grateful
To your solemn & heartfelt gestures
As we celebrate every passing day,
this very day & the days thereafter
We pray with reverence & humility that
Otweaduamp)n greases your elbows
with good rests, as we’ve taken the mantle
and the baton to cater for your sleeps & wakes,

Until the days of old;
when the eternal departure comes knocking
Until then, we shall be there to comfort
you with assistance as you bestow unto us; you ever-daring sentiments to which we now shape our lives & utterances with reproach & celerity for today and the forth-coming generations

You’ve made us plausible
In this phase of existence
And we give our second gratuity to you;
Women, we are grateful
Those threatening days
when we kicked & turned in the womb,
As if we were been chased by anonymous spirits of today,
you remained calm & witness
all sorts of indifference inwardly

Now that we’ve outlived time
And we happen to know
Our right from our left,
we say, ‘Ayekoo’
Until posterity calls,
We’ll be there, in the bleak days
And never shall we depart
In the hay-days

Women; our grandmothers, mothers,
wives, aunts, sisters, nieces & friends

We say that we are forever grateful to you,
with our heads bowed and our caps in our palms.

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