Above Our Plights

The drums sounded

Our hearts banged

After numerous palpitations

Our forecast rose in elations

Amiably, not to hold captive

But to surrender

The guilts of our slumber



Traits troded & songs sang

And unfinished tactics

That derailed in a bang

Missions neglected with fright

Steered not within our might

‘Cause of the lapses in our fight

Had blinded our eyes with blight

Yet we held on to foresight



We peeped to the epoch of the past

As the noxious trend rendered a must

Our bows & arrows laid in contact

Screamed frantically for impact

The claws & shields were to axe

And our mirage had to be asked



Of the bridges conceived

The successes perceived

Amid the ultimatum received

Of which we stood esteemed

With our pleas teamed



We prayed in hay

And worked, not in dismay

‘Cause of the pay

Upon the day

Next to our persistent say

That arraigned, not in astray



Then, we conquered our fates

And suddenly damned each spate

Upon the gate

Amidst toils in the feared dates

We stood in Eureka’s albeits’ gaze

With our faces amazed

Just right above our plights !

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