A Break In Lineage

The deepest stories of repulsion

Had been told & the unpropitous

Seasons have long ago being lived;

Not by us but by the integuments

To which we now trod as their lineage

With days becoming years

And years becoming centuries

We have lived life in a path

Maidenly walked by the aforementioned;

the integuments to which

We now stand

Now we may tend to whoop

and cheer as we roar to soldier

on every test that welcomes us

to a new ground

We are being abreast of the voids

And vacuums of ‘earthliness’

like the beads on abacus

being toiled by a year-old child

Our perception of lineage

Has bequeathed

And grown stronger than our beliefs,

At least for the poets from this noble clan

As the sun declines, light ebbs away

Just as we undo the sleeves

rolled to our biceps

In the darker days, we have left

Unfinished sentences

And we yearn to eviscerate foreign norms

alienable to the paintings

In our cradle of thoughts

and sofas of willingness

Rubrics of everyday

Are rhymes and continuation

To the waiting forlornly

our integuments left while they assumed our welfare

The moments of renunciation

Strike our labyrinths of memory

And emotions; for us to take

a new fertile course

And become the dream

Our integuments dreamed

There must be a broken jinx

in this thread

A thread whereby half a cloak

Really becomes better than

no cloak at all

And the fetters on our souls

Become fairly revived for prudence

Some of the ochres to which

Our future were painted in vividity

Have become pale but translucent

It’s today that the sky swells

And the clouds wisp;

the effervescent days long for a hand

Now that the stronghold of allusion

Are clearly seen than before

And the contrast between the palms of our hands

and the soles of our feet

has woefully become unsimilar;

It’s then that the break in lineage


When we seize to be engulfed

By the pigments of mediocrity

And live above reproach

while the well-being of our ‘foes’

becomes mutually graced with glee

in our minds

A break in gloomy lineage;

History calls for…


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