As brimming auras arise in semi – heraldry fashion
May the trajectory of now remain
As ever, a trait
Through which the folklores shall be read
In reverence, in the not – too distant tomorrows , amid posterity and time’s conscience
From the tropic of Capricorn
Through the Commonwealth Bay
to Vladivostok or Volgograd
O, let time’s winged chariots proceed
Whenever man sits, at rest
As new moons strike
And virgin galaxies subdue
the known meteorites of the youth

O let time’s winged chariots peep
Whether from an elevated angle
or a depressed angle or both
Whenever man sits,
as word-weavers turn more scripturient
Then, silence shall be of much importance
When it’s pursued as aleatory
Until time’s winged chariots plunge,
Quiet people will forever have the loudest of minds,
That humanity has ever witnessed
While worldly nerds, an everyday surprise


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