Unto the pantheon of the all-time greats

Shall humanity pray you

As fervent appraisals flood in

From the city-centres of all ages, creeds and dispensations

To the South-west townships of your rainbow nation

We salute you,

And even if the earth doesn’t hear us,

the heavens will

And in no day shall we trespass

On your indelibly marked oratorical seriousness




Indeed, “no man is born hating”

So we’ll keep your unsurpassed memory in blossoming spectacles

And allow its radiance

To cast light on our fits and starts

Although, “a long walk to freedom has it been”

At the Isthmus of Panama

Shall we revere your sense of humour

As we seize not

To regale our tittle-tattle

With songs of obeisance




Indeed, it’s true that whenever a finger

dips in palm oil, it soils the entire hand

And if the yam used in sacrifice doesn’t

die prematurely, it’ll eventually germinate

So,may your remains descend to its eternal abode

As we eulogize and salve consciences with

your exemplary lead

Just like a diamond, you’ll always be almost flawless

Fare thee well…

Tata Madiba !


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