It’s a stub of a lighted cigarette that’s most likely to set a house ablaze
And whenever a door is set ajar,
it’s the mother who wakes up in the midst of the night to shut it
Then, what happens when rain outruns boundaries,
Do we run outside vehemently to chase the rains out?
Maybe we would someday
Although I’m young in years,
I’m already a man of the world
To know the bland and disingenuous remnants of haiyan
May we regale our dithers with inimitable wits
So as fresh as a rose-bud,
shall we mend the broken ties between Cebu,
Tondo, Maysapan and Mai
And what do we say to the Ati woman in Tacloban, who sits at the bend, where reporters and aid-workers sojourn
Let us not falter and collapse as injured ants
Even if the churches have fallen;
it’s us who make the church
So when time’s winged chariots surround,
it’s our resilience that shall be afforded praise



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