Titanic To Costa Concordia

Nervous wreck, unabashed pride

Semaphoring chorus

Metaphysical tides

Windy storms

A moment to gloat

This little boy had seen

Through the frame behind

The captain’s locker

the simmering misfortune

Then, (we) tapped glasses

In extreme,

but gradually the night wore on

Life had become just a journey:

an endless one



Somewhere unknown

Advertently within the crevice of the ocean:

known only by the captain & the

immobile navigator

Our faces remained unaccented

and the fewer children


with their squalid toys

Out & about on this rowdy day

of a vacation:




This very little boy berates again

Believing a misfortune would

lead us through this ‘endless’ journey:

a vacation, a reason to strut

But he chose to be unheard

Time wore on

Stellar careers of these young ones:

at stake

but the elders out & about

in belligerant fashion

Perhaps the last ever vacation



The magnanimous ship:

Meticulously crafted, many a people

ever doubted it’d ever falter,

let alone to crash & submerge

Before the cocks of the immobile

navigators shove aside:

danger had stood closer than ever

Then, bushy eye-brows raised,

(our) prospects flailed away,

lives lost,

the dooms’ day ?


Some saved

Some nearly couldn’t sustain


I survived this

– this dream then looked so real


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