It was not very long ago, precisely in the very recent-past, by the earlier birth of technology in the 21st century, where major inventory and persistent proliferation of frequent but modernized methodology came finally to stay.

Then, to announce one’s presence as a global partaker of the new revolution was by having an e-mail account, of which Yahoo® and intolerable nicknames played a major part, if not in all countries, at least in the part of the world where I trace my ancestry. Remarkably within a sudden blink of the eyes, these contents have been upgraded to certain heights that suit our needs, of which only the Seaman’s view could then see to assertain a decade ago, or perhaps lesser, depending on one’s own analysis and inclination.

We have witnessed perspicuously as every bit that makes up the slightest pixel on which these manifestations are built. Arguably, critics may say in a hurry that these innovations are just a “mirror-image” by organizations and firms who are literally focussed on making “anything” at all cost to denigrate and capitalize on the lame side of humanity through recurring exploitations.

The fabric of the media seem to have been greased with a certain lubricant that revolves whatever that it is made to come into contact with. Its effects on communication is but the most that could be seen at first glance.

     News are passed on within a split-second while consensus are solicited within a snap of the fingers. It is through this franchise that terminologies and clichés such as bloggers, media – activists, social -activists and a few more  have been reborn and figuratively speaking, reincarnated as their works have been made much more easier but efficient. Lasting unions are built by a click,  breaching the zonal time differences or one’s geographical location.

From Alberta, Canada to Ushuaia, the most southern city within the earth’s frontiers, unbreakable connections have been corruscated to unison, faster than the speed of light. The woes of telegram have died as a result of these ever-culminating manifestations that surprise us upon our awakes. 

Claiming a part has been a basic neccesity, next to Abraham Maslow’s hierachy of needs, if not to all and sundry, at least to those connected to the global internet grid.


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