From the darkest dark to the lightest light, have I witnessed the ages of brawls and glee
Amid bonfires and hymns during Halloweens
recurring anually like a sudden mirage in a blizzard
Where inhabitants christened their names to ‘Hoogagogaaba’
To appear and sound more native
Like time
circulating irredeemably bright
but every now and then unconsciously dim
when missions falter
And some prospects skyrocket
or perhaps both
From the foggy agonies of the yesteryears
To the mild serenity of the tomorrows
when fallen idols crumble to dirt and shame or disrepute
And incumbent breeds yearn to touch 
the moon or the sun or the sky
since good things may come in three-some
Like time
transpiring Tanganyika and Zanzibar into Tanzania
under the tutelage of Nyerere Julius
meandering his strike amid the plots of mercenaries of his generation
the fore-bearers
who infiltrate the strongholds for freedom
or like Neruda Pablo
wording the plea of his fellow countrymen
or witnessing the maiden manned mission to space
Like clockwork
Telling the events sourced from premature silence to the most chaotic of all anarchy
Where every tick-tock relays a different story altogether
yet to be heard
Just like clockwork ! 


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