Born Again In A Second Language

Had normalcy never lost its course 
The brightest of bright will such a persona be 
Orchestrating an obvious childhood fairytale, into reality 
Maybe he’d be thriving in glee lozenges 
and be eerie than he is now 
Aloneness may be a chosen rubric 
while quiteness, a fostered acronym to relief 
Walking with royalty above the sky’s zenith, 
and latter, slapping hands with prominence where necessary 
Born again in a ‘known’ language 
A first but second language 
Maybe time was irreversible then 
while nature, defiled its promise 
Temporary minor gentry will have been epoch of the recent past 
and the not-so far tomorrows, resilient 
Maybe the familiar circles will have been squared by now 
Without hefty hitches and colossal giveaways 

Somnolence will then reckon with baited breath, 
and procrastination, a fore gone mirage 
Multitudes would have been staring 
with great avidity, 
oblivious to high resume’ acquired 
Had normalcy never transgressed 
Hearts would be spared taunts 
And the break of silence, 
highly invigorating 
Nature would have assumed its mission 
and the sky’s zenith, as usual, 
a footstool for the coming auras 
Anyway, once the heart’s palpitation 
has never retrogressed 
And the Abba, bestows grace 
Destiny should also take its due course 
And should opportunities decide not 
to knock, 
doors will be built 
While the spurt within the minds eye, 
remains forceful but poised 
Born again in a second language


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