An Unlikely Champion Arises

Maybe someday 
A sudden champion may arise 
To cast out the folks again pluralism, 
with exact precedence like Teurai Ropa, 
Enthused with a certain flare of femininity 
Shooting down a helicopter, 
spot on, a feat that’s seldom reached 

Circling through the towns of Gwanda 
and Beitbridge, 
where the Limpopo river is so close than usual 
Lies blames of political hegemony 
where since the death of Lobengula; 
the last king of the Ndebele, 
who was defeated by Rhodes, 
One man has steered the affairs of the state, from independence till today 
Southern Rhodesia, or Zimbabwe 
Ailing to mismanagement, 
nepotism & ‘the winner takes all’ rubric 
The Sacaranda trees may lie prostrate, 
If lips remain pursed till eternity 
and the “Gukurahundi” blows again 
Then, Shona versus Ndebele can’t withstand the test of posterity 

Where in this world of relativity, 
everything seems to be confusing; 
from aerobics through partisan politics 
to the letter ‘Z’ 
Maybe someday 
the Matopos hills in Bulawayo 
will be furious, in contemporary political 
vocabulary, incandescent 
If our eyes remain penchant to corruption 
And democracy is not afforded its due significance, 
Change will not come, 
if we sit in a tongue-in-throat posture 
waiting for ‘traitors’ to journey us once 
Independence has been meaningless 
and Carrington Hill would’ve been justified 

And upon the chronology of important happenings, 
when the Berlin wall fell and today Germany sits at the centre of Europe 
Then, the blames on independence 
are more than its merits 

(This poem has been written in light of the Zimbabwean elections, I iterate to propose that the guard must be changed, 33 years in power is more than enough for the baton to be handed over to the apt personalities fit to fix the economy & bring feasible solutions to the woes of the people of Zimbabwe after mismanagement over the past decades – I was inspired to write this piece after reading from Petina Gappah & Stephen Chan’s in-depth overview of Zimbabwe through a noble but just kaleidoscope) 


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