In Event of Trayvon Martin’s Demise

That fateful aura of a day

so enthused without frailty

when mornings run faster

and mid-days lobby till night whispers

To bridge longing vacuums of despair & wonder

Did you emanate to join history,

But as to whether by preference or injustice

the moon bears you witness

As your demise re-unites & rekindles our darkened spirits

Thunderous voices pray you

that your abode lies at peace

As the next chapter of life

without you begins

No more the shadows of nobility

nor the footprints of dexterity

To which you may have mimed

your helter-skelter

Fare thee well

As the verdict

lays inscribed on our memory

Fare thee well

In your gloat to turn on glee

Within the sphere of an unknown realm

where only the departed assemble

Be at peace

As the testaments of your death

remind us of the recent past

Fare thee well

In this usual simpleton

where no brim of shed tears

brings us all to a sudden plane

Fare thee well !!!


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