Re-echo this song

Sing a song to the only hill 
you find within the eyes of Paramaribo 
The pride of the Indies 
That few hills 
that stand akimbo at night 
and erect by dawn 
Upon the uppance of a certain shadow 
That emanates a two-faced affair 

Sing a song to the only field 
you chance upon within opulent suburbs of a wonderland 
Monaco ? Perhaps 
Let (S’il vous-plez) precedes 
the maiden stanza you cry out 
Sing with a seething grit 
Like that of a teacher 
whose students just excelled in a test 
or like that of a girl 
Who just fell in love 
Where uncouth visions slumber 
By the recurring stints of a known nostalgia 

Whether you reside in a boulevard or an alley 
One can never unite bananas with scattered leaves 
Sing in defiance to doubts 
Like the dexterity of the Mau Mau from Kenya 
bringing forth the word ‘Uhuru’ 

Allow the decibels to manoeuvre 
the heckles of tomorrow 
And sound a caution 
To the detractors of progress 
Who destroy the fibre of the society 

Sing not 
To the hills of Mountain Everest 
the crossroads between the boys in Nepal 
who believe in Buddha 
And their folks in India 
who believe in Hindu or both 
Not out of preference to religion 
Since a foreign mountaineer 
may claim its ownership 

Sing not 
With a hat-in-hand approach 
When your civil rights are upheld 
lest alone 
To converse about human dignity or rights 
Throw no Molotov cocktails 
To demonstrate your dissatisfaction 
to bias & prejudice 
Just like how Malcolm X paints the pictures yielded by segregation in post-independence America 
Those, have lost its militancy 
Let your song 
Awaken the speech of the dumb 
And the sight of the blind 

Then, allow history or posterity or both 
Which is best qualified to reward the future

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