Sameness of Wonder

Before sibilant winds precede

She’ll lie within her meditative silences

in a rose-coloured mantle,

well-befitting for a princess

of an ever old but alethic monarch

She trods in unknown verses;

the one she chooses

and the one she can’t avoid,

lest alone to desert & obliterate



Quincunx of ascending trees

sweep her yard with a certain ambiance,

that arises royally,

just as simple as the lighting

of pollen upon a receptive stigma

After all altercations,

reality slaps her in the face,

with a mode of grit & grin

that only an assassin could assimilate

upon constant connotations



She lies asunder

with life so deserting amid royalty

and thoughts so profound,

yet calculable



In the shriek of emptiness,

where the factual persona

seizes to orate with her acrolectic

accent but rather anacoluthically

like the sum of a lullaby

being composed by ambilinguals




Before the next aura,

when the household becomes

frozen in expectation

upon the uppance of a new morning,

History repeats itself;

emptiness, wonders, hopes,

calculable risks & apocopal unscribbled


Sameness !!!


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