Once had we been acquainted with ‘earthliness’

Yes, we do admit our flaws

Moments came that we were loquacious

and less abreast of modernity but truth

More inks have ran dry

Then; as we cogitate of the earlier births

Of this art

To which we now stand tall

Then; an escape

Now; a joy




We have been accustomed

upon the enlightenment of our inquantifiable asset

as we do scribble history with ease

that’s never been seen nor heard

As we dip our quills to the indelible ink

Sourced from the primitive concocted ochres

by the anonymous caveman




We remain steady but on a mission;

a mission to which an allegiance

has been said but read

While the three-sections of our upper lips stood poignant but never power-drunk

as we confer onto our paths a discernment of goodwill & professionalism

Tell them that, sweat went dry

as we fetched for water

with a cracked pan & a basket

A basket indeed !



But we saw the brim by dawn

Tell them that we domiciled

not only through conscience nor prospects

But we foresaw reverence through the thoughtful steps taken;

But lastly, tell them that nature only

appeals to intelligence until habit & intuition

are useless…

Anonymously signed off !!!


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